Friday, January 22, 2010


When I look outside
When night is gone
Seeing the snow is amazing
glistening flakes of cold frozen water
falling gently to earth with no sound
some people see
bad days
Terrible roads
but I admire the snow
I am thankful for snow

Saturday, January 16, 2010


As I run next to the waves
The wind in my hair
I notice that my feet
Feel like they aren't there
No shoes to hold them in
they can run much faster
Almost silent
On the pale yellow sand
I never want to leave
This perfect ocean land

Monday, January 11, 2010

Check This Out
(ignore the links name)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woodland River

When I climb a tall mountain
and breath the fresh air
It makes me so happy
to see a small stream
falling down a hill
and I think that it is amazing
the way the water gleams
If only you could see the river
hit by one stream of light
perfect plants of nature close by
but you of course can't see it now
so I will show it to you

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hey Jude

This is so cute!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Anticipation fills your stomach
whatever you are waiting for
makes little feelings jump around
like a billion tiny frogs
right down in the bottom of your stomach
you may want to share it with everyone
but something inside you says
A minute feels like a million
an hour a decade
but somehow
after you have gotten what you waited for
excitement always ends
and you forget the way it feels
to be excited


My alarm is quite different
Than everyone else's
Not a loud beeping sound
Or music
Just a small sharp feeling
over and over
on my toes
and when I open my eyes
I see a fat happy kitten
fighting with my feet as they shift beneath my quilt
and I smile
I am happy for my fat happy kitten
for waking me up
even though my toes are sore

Our Earths Cry

Have you ever wondered
What life was like before
When there were no buildings
Or things from stores
I of course have
this Earth would be better
if no greenhouse gasses surrounded it like
an uncomfortable sweater!
The air would be clean
The water so pure
Trees everywhere
Not anymore
for we have taken this Earth for granted
We are unworthy and blind
What are we thinking
Filling our earth with all our grime
Then burying it up
Just to rot away
Releasing things too horrible to say
The Earth is in need
We’re the only ones who can save it


When the night turns to morning
But no light is seen
Something else is a gleam
There is a faint jingle
And the pitter patter of feet
And this is the sign
Not everyone is asleep
Someone is awake before the sun
And Midnight Crazies have begun
A slender shadow chases a ball
So silent no one can hear it
But that is soon changed
When a new shadow appears
A shadow with two small pointed ears
They tussle and chase
For an hour or two
But soon this all stops
The sun has awoken
So now all is still
The silence unbroken